Tuesday, 11 October 2011


"When I was about 10 years old and dreaming of going to Africa, living with animals, and writing books about them, everyone laughed at me. World War II was raging across Europe. My family had no money and couldn't even afford a bicycle for me. Africa was far away and full of dangerous animals, and, most damning of all, I was a mere girl. Only boys could expect to do those kinds of things. But my mother said, 'If you really want something and you work hard and you take advantage of opportunities — and you never, ever give up — you will find a way.' The opportunity was a letter from a friend inviting me to Kenya. The hard work was waitressing at a hotel to earn money for the trip — and spending hours reading books about Africa and animals, so I was ready when Dr. Louis Leakey offered me the opportunity to study chimpanzees."

"The most important thing is to actually think about what you do. To become aware and actually think about the effect of what you do on the environment and on society. That's key, and that underlies everything else".

- Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall - now 77 years old - is a ground-breaking primatologist, conservationist, UN Messanger of Peace and tireless campaigner. You can find out more about her work via The Jane Goodall Institute. Watch her eye-opening Ted Talk - here.