Monday, 6 February 2012


How cute are pandas? Yeah, pretty cute. It seems they're also somewhat political! Last week, I voiced a BBC Radio Scotland promo for 'The Politics of Pandas' - now available to hear online.  As two of the cuddly black & white bears settle in at Edinburgh Zoo, in this special BBC programme Philip Dodd investigates how pandas became a top political gift. 

And In Other News...

Last week was literally panada-monium! I had a very busy (and fun!) schedule recording in-person sessions at studios in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. In addition to the BBC session, this included voicing TV & Radio commercials for The Scotsman Newspaper - airing in the next couple of weeks.  They'll also be viewable on my show-reel soon.  Also, I was in my own studio working on various projects, including a corporate video and more energy e-learning modules - you can hear samples on my audio reel.

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