Monday, 17 October 2011

...A Sneak Peek - In The Studio

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In the world of voice-over artists there are of course a few key 'tools of the trade'. It's fair to say that while our voice is the most precious asset, one's studio comes a pretty close second! With this in mind, I've just launched a brand new page - In The Studio - which features lots of information about where and how I work. You can also visit via my home page @ Oh - and you can go to my updated Contact page to find me at Voiceovers.Co.Uk, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Vicky...

Vicky Watt is a leading Scottish, female voice over artist, available daily from her professional studio by the sea. She'll also happily travel to your chosen studio in the city for face-to-face voice sessions. For more information, please go to her main page at She is also featured at