...Bright Horizons.

Future’s so bright, you gotta wear shades. 😎 Just completed a VO for a super cool specialist in higher education - and turns out there’s plenty to feel hopeful about. Thank you 
@waterfallagency. ALSO it’s the first day of #spring! Wishing you a great week - and beyond! ☀️ 🌸 🎀 😘 πŸ’•

Fireside Stories


‘Storytelling is deeply woven into human culture. Campfire stories, ancient shadow puppets, folklore; what are these if not forms of voice-over?’

- Voquent (History Of Voice Over)

Always knew there was a reason I love this job so much - it’s all connected. πŸ’• A hot day in the studio even feels like sitting by the campfire telling stories. πŸ”₯πŸŽ™ ✨

Want to spark those creative vibes together? You can book me for recording sessions at vickywatt.co.uk, voiceovers.co.uk, or at voquent.com. Or come sit by the fire and share a story or two. #HappyPlace
And you can read this super cool 2-part article over at voquent.com/the-history-of-voice-over-part-1/



πŸŽ™ Bus adventures are the best! Headphones in and heading off to see my favourites! Also, when it’s time for an in-person voice session 🎀 , hopping on a bus to the city makes the trip hassle-free! So, I was super happy to do the #FVO for a recent spotify radio ad for #Stagecoach. You can listen to this and more demos, or book, via vickywatt.co.uk.

🎀 😘 πŸ’•

(image via unsplash)


...And Recording!

And recording..... πŸŽ€ πŸ˜˜ πŸ’• It’s so ace to be back in the studio with some regular #voiceover clients that I’ve really missed during lockdown!

After lots of people ‘going dark’ for so many months, it’s a relief to speak with more of you again - and find you healthy and feeling a little more free.

Equally, big THANK YOU to the people I’ve been really lucky to work with throughout this challenging time. I’ll always feel grateful to flick those switches, see the studio light up, and hear a familiar voice down the line.πŸ’‘

If you’d like to book a recording session, I’m available weekdays. Please find more at vickywatt.co.uk



‘If your voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence you.’ - Unknown

Yip, what they said! Love this new single from The Chicks.


...Safer Scotland.

I've just recorded this voiceover for the Safer Scotland campaign, and really hope it reaches those who need it most. Discover more at safer.scot/. Wishing you all a safe haven, during the pandemic, and always. πŸ’–


Love vegan food? Me too! So it was plant-astic to voice an in-store radio promo for The Cooperative's award-winning ‘Incredible Burger’ - all-vegan and perfect for bbq season; it’s just around the corner! Check out the recipe for the Incredible vegan burger with salsa and crispy jalapeΓ±os at their website.
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