Tuesday, 12 February 2013

...Ethical Success

"Ultimately the lessons are that winning at all costs is not winning at all. Winning is only winning when we do it ethically, honestly, humbly and with integrity. And if we want to feel proud of our success we need to start by ensuring we have an environment where people can speak up about ethical concerns. Such a culture might well have saved companies from Libor, phone hacking, PPI, horse meat and many other accidents and scandals."

Neil Crofts, Authentic Business Coach 
- Article, The Ethics Of Lance Armstrong

Vicky Watt is a leading Scottish, female voice over artist available daily from her professional studio by the sea. She'll also happily travel to your chosen studio in the city for face-to-face voice sessions. For more information, please go to her main page at www.vickywatt.co.uk. She is also featured at www.voiceovers.co.uk.  You can view ethical policy via my main website.