Friday, 30 June 2017

...The Barred Owl! Give A Hoot About Forests And Free Speech...

Enchanted by this beauty today - the Barred Owl.  I just discovered discovered that it’s known for its distinctive hoot - and it's symbolic of expressing yourself through your voice.

The owl's habitat, the Great Northern Forest, is a unique global ecosystem circling the planet. Now though, the forest and free speech are both being threatened by Resolute Forest Products, who, ironically, cut down trees so that they can become books, newspapers and magazines.

Instead of facing criticism of their unsustainable practices, Resolute are telling Greenpeace to stop talking about it, using a lawsuit called Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (#SLAPP), a dangerous tool to stop people from speaking out.

Love forests? Believe in free speech? Well, be inspired by the Barred Owl and give a hoot!

Sign the petition at

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Learn about authors speaking up for forests and freespeech at

Stay informed via @greenpeace. xoxo #ourvoicesarevital #giveahoot

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

...2017 (my storyboard so far)

It’s been a speedy 6 months! Just a few of my favourite #voiceover projects in the first half of #2017 - including radio + instore ads, on-hold, narration and online corporate/educational videos
I’m lucky to work from my own #recordingstudio and at super cool city studios for isdn and in-person sessions.
Need a #voiceartist for your project? Scottish, natural, subtly husky, 20s-30s?
Listen - and book - at xoxo
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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

....Maya Angelou

...never more true than when that #voice is a Scottish #FVO! ;) You can hear samples of my #voiceover work - and book a recording session - at
I’m in my own studio weekdays. Wav + MP3 delivery, with option to listen + direct via Source Connect or Skype.
Happy to travel for isdn / in-person sessions too. xo
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