Fireside Stories


‘Storytelling is deeply woven into human culture. Campfire stories, ancient shadow puppets, folklore; what are these if not forms of voice-over?’

- Voquent (History Of Voice Over)

Always knew there was a reason I love this job so much - it’s all connected. 💕 A hot day in the studio even feels like sitting by the campfire telling stories. 🔥🎙 ✨

Want to spark those creative vibes together? You can book me for recording sessions at vickywatt.co.uk, voiceovers.co.uk, or at voquent.com. Or come sit by the fire and share a story or two. #HappyPlace
And you can read this super cool 2-part article over at voquent.com/the-history-of-voice-over-part-1/